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The Requirements For A Flight Attendant’s Appearance

The following requirements must normally be followed by those who look after passengers on airplanes: uniform presentation, wearable accessories, skincare, health management, and keeping a high degree of physical attractiveness during the workday. However, standards can vary depending on your employer.

The readers of this post will be those who are thinking of working in the aviation sector or who would be curious about the level of care that goes into a flight attendant’s look each day. You may want to add some of the insider advice and goods we’ve given you to your regular regimen as well.

Industry Beauty Standards Overview

Sometimes, a flight attendant’s day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset.

Despite the appearance requirements for flight attendants appearing to be a uniform norm across the board, many carriers have far greater requirements than other mainline domestic U.S. airlines.

Many foreign airlines have very strict requirements for flight attendants’ physical appearance, clothes, and baggage.

Without mentioning any specific airlines, as standards are subject to change, this essay was written during a period when one airline mandated that all of its flight attendants meet a certain height requirement and wear their hair pulled back at all times. They ask for applicants to provide images of themselves with particular male and female photo attributes as part of their application.

You can anticipate the same standards of physical attractiveness from the majority of domestic American Airlines that also fly internationally. When discussing her initial interview with an air hostess situated in the US, she said that the following questions were specifically requested of her:


Even while a height limitation can appear odd to someone not involved with the airline business, some airlines may make it necessary. To ensure that safety-related standards on board an airplane can be met, this is done.


Your attire sets the tone for maintaining beauty standards. When working for an airline, especially as a flight attendant, you are expected to present yourself in the best possible light because you will be in front of all the passengers.

To maintain the greatest care for your uniform, you must use specific products. Many airlines use high-quality textiles for their uniforms that require a lot of maintenance. When caring for and cleaning your airline uniform, you might want to:


American Airlines and United Airlines are two significant American Airlines that permit their flight attendants to work while wearing their hair down during the time this article was being written.

However, one of the larger firms, Delta Air Lines, forbids its staff from wearing their hair loose unless it reaches their shoulders or higher. Compared to those at American and United, Delta’s flight attendants are expected to maintain a more polished and put-together appearance.

Even while it may appear straightforward and easy to wear your hair up or down, many international airlines’ uniforms call for a hat or other hair item. This enhances a professional appearance and makes it possible for the staff to stand out.


One aesthetic standard emerges after describing the numerous variations that each airline has. This standard appears to remain constant throughout. Makeup. A fresh, clean, and natural-looking face appears to be the universal flight makeup style.

The choice of lipstick is the only thing that sets the natural face apart. Other airlines give their flight attendants a choice, while some demand it. To retain professionalism, the makeup section favors a natural appearance.

Red lipstick is the most recognizable and well-known beauty requirement for a flight attendant. As previously mentioned, not all airlines demand it, but some do. Red lipstick is encouraged but not needed on many American flights, although it is a mandatory feature of many overseas airlines’ characteristic looks or brands, regardless of the wearer’s personal choice.

Health Protection

Now, maintaining beauty standards on board an aircraft involves a lot more.

Working at 30,000 feet on an airplane has a significant negative impact on physical health. Along with the internal physical changes that occur throughout the course of a flight, one of the biggest challenges faced by flight attendants is the dearth of moisture within the aircraft.

Managing the push and pull of physical changes while flying has proven to be challenging. The absence of moisture in the air necessitates consuming more liquids, such as water, than usual. However, internal difficulties brought on by the physical cabin pressure, like as bloating, can make someone wish to consume less liquid in an effort to relieve the discomfort.

While they are not in the aircraft, those who want to overcome this emotion will concentrate on the standards of beauty. Outside the workplace, you must use moisturizers and care your skin with them.

When getting ready for work and applying makeup, treating your skin with these items may benefit you in the long term for a smoother sensation and better presentation.

Some attendees use tinted moisturizer to combat the dryness of the airplane and hydrate their skin while they are in the air. When wearing makeup, tinted moisturizer can make a world of difference for their workday.

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