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How To Balance Your Social Life With Shift Work

Everyone requires a break from shift work! It takes a certain kind of individual to be happy working nonstop for seven days straight without taking time to visit with family or friends. However, we frequently hear from people who report that trying to socialize with 9–5 workers while working shifts might be difficult. We’re here to demonstrate the process to you!

Communication, making the most of your available time, finding people who have similar hours, using technology, making plans in advance, and maintaining a positive mindset are the best ways to manage your social life as a shift worker. Avoid using your job as an excuse to skip out!

When one follows the usual 9 to 5 workweek, they typically enjoy enjoyable times and important family time on the weekends and in the evenings with the majority of the rest of the globe.

However, when you have a rotating roster, your schedule is constantly changing and revolving; there are no set days when you work and when you don’t; you can also work long shifts that may include evenings. This may result in high levels of stress and obstacles to social interaction.

We can demonstrate how work doesn’t have to appear like it always interferes with personal time with the people who matter most.

Before we explain how this can be handled, we wanted to emphasize that most occupations that involve working long hours or on a rotating roster often offer adequate income and perks to make up for the demanding schedule. Employers therefore reward you for the complexity of your roster.

Now, not everyone has the luxury of being able to change their employment or the hours they work. But at The Other Shift, we think life should be enjoyed.

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Observe Those Who Have Similar Schedules

Think about making friends with people who have the same kind of shift pattern, or one that is similar.

They are more likely to be sympathetic, to respect your work schedule, and to be off when you are. You’d be shocked at how many of my friends—who are also registered nurses—work in the medical field!

That is not to argue that you must have acquaintances in the same profession. You’d be amazed by the number of people who now work different hours, given how quickly the world is changing and how many more people need services on demand.

In a perfect world, you could be friends with people who share a variety of hobbies; you could have diverse workout partners, movie date partners, or coffee companions.

Check out the special piece we prepared here if you need an app to assist you manage your shift job life the best you can.

Learn More About Your Coworkers

Even while some individuals do not like to blend work and pleasure, there are instances when working very long and exhausting shifts with the same people allows you to develop connections based on shared experiences.

Don’t immediately pick up your phone if you have any downtime at work. Ask your coworker a question about anything, and then listen to their answer. You might be shocked by the response and learn that you do, in fact, have common interests.

Why not suggest that you go have a bite to eat with your coworker after you both finish your night shift? They might have a substantially better morning as a result, and you never know what connections you might make.


It is crucial that your family and close friends comprehend the situation you are in and the fact that you do not follow their schedule. Especially if you have historically made bad planning decisions and have consistently missed out on valuable time, this is easier said than done.

It is crucial that you make sure to repeatedly reassure your family members that your job requires you to work shifts and that, despite the fact that you occasionally must be apart, you do not wish to be.

When working evenings, be important to inform your friends and spouse that your evening (about midnight) is like their day (around noon). Occasionally, putting things into perspective for them will assist.

Yes, maintaining and keeping up with relationships for individuals who have conflicting schedules requires a little more effort, but it’s crucial. Just make sure they understand, and they’ll likely make accommodations.

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Make the most of the time you do have

To avoid wasting time, try to properly schedule your days off. Now, this may include lazy movie days on the sofa, which can be the finest times to strengthen our relationships with our partners or families. But don’t forget to schedule time for your outdoor hike with pals as well!

Making sufficient planning for the time you do have is crucial to ensuring that you spend the quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones that you may have missed owing to the odd hours that you work.

Together, you can complete even arduous tasks like laundry or running errands. Even if it might not be the most enjoyable activity, it still gives you time to connect.

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