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Gift Ideas for Night Shift Workers: 10 Must-Have Items

Night shift work is not an easy task! We have ideas for you if you want to give a friend or family member who puts up with working the night shift a special feeling. We have a fantastic assortment of gifts that your special someone will not only like, but also really value! This gift guide, which includes suggestions for weighted blankets and sleep masks, will take the guesswork out of buying presents for night shift workers. Let’s get started right away!

1. Glasses that block blue light (Swanwick)

Anyone who works the night shift probably has trouble sleeping. These Night Swannies are ground-breaking. They are eyeglasses with orange lenses that filter out blue light. So they can play on their phones before bed and still get a good night’s sleep! A pair of these can significantly alter their sleeping patterns. You won’t regret making this purchase, I promise!

Swanwick also offers a less stern alternative that is perfect for seeing a screen. Since these glasses don’t block as much blue light, you won’t fall asleep wearing them (but will eliminate the eye strain and headaches). True supporters, we are! If you’re interested in learning more, check out the video we prepared comparing the various styles of glasses.

2. Manta Sleep Eye Mask, number

We will never hesitate to suggest Manta Sleep Eye Masks to other night shift workers. They really meant it when they claimed “100% blackout”! I promise that anybody you give these to will be eternally appreciative.

Additionally, the design doesn’t put any additional strain on the eyes, enabling true comfort. Once you give them a Manta Sleep Mask, sleep will never be the same for them again!

3. The Original Weighted Bamboo Blanket

When working the night shift, it’s crucial to get good sleep. Buying someone a weighted blanket might be a huge accomplishment because it’s really difficult to find! This specific weighted blanket controls temperature, making it almost ideal! It functions as a blanket equivalent to a constant hug throughout the night. Talk about a snuggle buddy!

4. Ear Plugs – Squishes 

Night shift workers frequently lose sleep as a result of the outside world’s commotion. Not everyone nearby must be sleeping just because they are.

They are protected from disturbing noises, enabling a more tranquil sleep. Purchasing anything that enhances someone’s sleep is always a good idea!

5. Shakti Mats

A person’s body is under a lot of stress when working the night shift. Some of that stress is reduced by using Shakti Mats. There are numerous mats from which to pick. It will assist with calming down, pain relief, and so much more! They are excellent things at reasonable prices. Give the gift of rest to a loved one.

In our experience, lying on this mat in bed causes you to focus so intently on your pulsing back that you forget about all other thoughts.

6. Melatonin

For a night shift worker, these supplements may just save their life. Our brains naturally produce melatonin, which this pill helps get going! Since their brains aren’t programmed to sleep during the day if they work the night shift, they probably have trouble falling asleep. Melatonin is reasonably priced and would look lovely in a care gift!

7. Dark-colored drapes

Sleep is their closest buddy, you understand. The last thing they want to see when they close their eyes at the end of their shift is the sun. It’s awful and has a negative impact on how well you sleep. The best technique to stop the sun from peeping through the blinds is using blackout curtains. Although some can be pricey, cheaper ones often function just as well. Simply said, it relies on your financial capabilities!

8. Lunchbox electric

You’ll get them one of these bad boys if you really want to win their favor! When ordering food, a night shift worker has few options. They are therefore most likely bringing leftovers or meal prepping. Therefore, they will eventually need to reheat their food. Instead of having to eat only cold meals—which may get very boring—they now have the option to bring food to be heated.

9. Air Cleaner

Sincerely, an air purifier is a no-brainer. There are so many options available! Although we’ve listed one that shouldn’t break the bank, some are more pricey than others. Their quality of sleep and overall well-being can be enhanced by an air purifier! In the end, you’ll be acknowledged.

10. Dr Scholl’s Spa Socks

Night shift workers frequently lack the luxury of visiting a spa to receive some foot care. That is why I suggest these incredibly cozy socks, especially when they are worn while you sleep. They aren’t too tight to wear because they are constructed of polyester and spandex. After being on their feet all day, the material’s abundance of vitamin E and lavender allows for some much-needed moisturizing.

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