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15 Staff Morale-Boosting Activities To Engage Employees

Nowadays, most people are creatures of habit. At least five days per week, we maintain the same routine of going to work, returning home, and doing so. But occasionally we are unaware that we are doing this until it is too late, and we have reached burnout. Employers should make an effort to liven up the workweek because there are many different ways to get their staff involved.

Our 15 advice below will provide you lots of wonderful ideas if you feel that a change of pace is necessary, but aren’t sure where to begin.

1. Meals for Staff

Most workers discover that they eat the same item for lunch and dinner repeatedly when they are caught in the vicious repetitious cycle of work, home, and work again.

Diet has a significant impact on both physical and mental health, and if you want your staff to work as productively as possible, you must provide the correct nutrition.

Therefore, as an employer, one approach to motivate your staff is to host an unplanned lunch or dinner. It can be as simple as having a couple pizzas at work (not the healthiest brain food, but it’s a start) or, if money is available, taking them out to dinner once your shift is over. A culinary session where you get to eat the finished product might be a tremendous hit if you truly want to go all out!

This not only demonstrates your gratitude for your staff members, but also fosters a sense of being. It enables interaction between your staff members while they are “breaking bread.” I can tell you that your employees will appreciate this tiny gesture of thanks and full tummies very much.

2. Introduce a wellness initiative

Employees are required to put in more hours at work than ever before in today’s culture. The majority of jobs are understaffed, forcing workers to put in double- or triple-shifts to fill in scheduling gaps. As a result, there is a drastically reduced amount of time available for activities outside of work, with leisure time frequently taking a backseat to other priorities like family, housework, and rest.

Because of this, it’s critical for employers to consider their employees’ health. You can accomplish this by putting in place a wellness program. This might be as lavish as installing a gym at work, or as simple as offering group yoga lessons online or holding staff fitness competitions.

Try a water drinking competition if you want to get started fairly simply. It may sound unusual, but shift workers frequently struggle with focus and alertness, and meeting the daily minimums of water intake will help. Just be sure to finish this in a healthy manner!

3. Practice for Game Shows

Training is an unavoidable evil. Your staff don’t have to get bored, though. Your staff members will almost always grumble and whine about having to go to required training. Now, some instruction must be delivered bluntly, as it is. Others, you are free to make it (dare I say, fun for everyone) by your own means.

Hosting a “game show” is one approach to make your required training enjoyable. For instance, you could organize a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-style competition or a Jeopardy-style event. With the help of these game shows, you can develop puzzling inquiries that entertain your staff and offer minor prizes to the individual or team who wins. This makes the environment quite enjoyable while also completing the required training.

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4. An all-company bake-off

Each participant creates their best baked item, and then each employee votes on which one is the best (after eating it at work, of course). The winner receives a gift. Whatever the finances or creative imagination permits can be the prize.

Trust us when we say that everyone who attends this event believes they have won, thus this will actually have a bigger positive impact on people’s spirits than you might imagine.

5. Holidays Marking Birthdays

Contrary to popular belief, fewer businesses than one might imagine celebrate their employees’ birthdays. Since each person’s birthday marks a significant event in their lives, people frequently take it seriously. It would be good to get some sort of acknowledgement from your place of employment, especially if you have to work on your birthday.

Throwing a modest office party for them could be one method to show your appreciation for your staff. You may order a cake and get the rest of the staff to sing happy birthday to you. You might mention someone’s birthday in your monthly email, even if you don’t want to go all out and host a party. It’s always preferable to receive some recognition than none at all.

6. Encourage Comments

One important technique to involve your staff is by asking for their opinions on how things are doing on a daily basis. When they feel like they have a voice, most employees find it simpler to go above and above for their place of employment.

By encouraging input across the board, you give every employee a voice that is taken into consideration by those in more senior roles.

This can give them the impression that they actually have some influence or control over what happens at work. Resulting in increased staff engagement.

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7. Awards Ceremony

By now, it should be obvious that rewarding your employees is the article’s ultimate conclusion—as it should be. Because without them, your business would not exist, your employees deserve to be recognized. You would operate on your own.

To express your gratitude, you might host an annual awards ceremony. You might present prizes for something as straightforward as perfect attendance during this. Although it might seem childish, I can guarantee you that a good turnout is possible if you offer the correct incentives (such as paid time off from work)! This demonstrates to your staff that you value their contributions and believe that the work they put in throughout the year on a daily basis is worthwhile.

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